Relation de mariage

Relation de mariage j’interprète1 Corinthiens 7:24pour vous: En fait, Paul a inclus des circonstances dans lesquelles il est raisonnable pour un chrétien de rechercher un changement de statut. Les célibataires qui « brûlent de passion » devraient, en fait, se marier (1 Corinthiens 7 :9). Les personnes mariées à des incroyants ne devraient pas lutter contre leur changement de statut si […]

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Marriage relationship

PRAYER REQUEST FOR MARRIAGES En français ici I am interpreting 1 Corinthians 7:24 for you: In fact, Paul has included circumstances under which it is sensible for a Christian to seek out a change their status. Single people who “burn with passion” should, in fact, get married (1 Corinthians 7:9). Those married to unbelievers should not fight their change in […]

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Prayer request evangelist

PRAYER REQUESTS  EVANGELIST What is Prayer? Evangelist Daniel Ouakson will help you connect with Jesus Christ using different inspirational prayers according to your situation. Whatsapp him: +27627916167 You are not a religious, you are a Christian. Not a religious prayer. Prayer isn’t a ritual that depends on closing our eyes and putting on holy faces. We don’t have to kneel […]

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Successful prayer request – prayer request in johannesburg – south africa

Prayer requests in South Africa The Trinity of the Most High God Contact the man of God, Pastor – Evangelist Daniel Ouakson for any prayers. Prayer of intercession prayer of deliverance prayer of healing prayer for God to reveal your destiny prayer for Jesus Christ to deliver your family prayer request for breakthrough prayer request for travelling project prayer request […]

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The Vine dresser, the Vine and the Branch ( John 15: 1-8 )

The vine dresser

This is one of the spiritual food our Soul needs. The Vine dresser, the Vine and the Branch is a sermon preached by Evangelist Daniel at Yahweh Shammah Ministries in Rosettenville Johannesburg. For more details visit Share this video, you will do the work of evangelism for Jesus Christ. We thank Bishop Laddy for this opportunity given to the […]

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