Attract God’s Affection While He has already loved you

God's love and affection

ATTRACT GOD’S AFFECTION WHILE HE HAS ALREADY LOVED YOU     Does God love everyone? Yes, He shows mercy and kindness to all. Does God love Christians more than He loves non-Christians? No, not in regards to His merciful love. Does God love Christians in a different way than He loves non-Christians? Yes; because believers have exercised faith in God’s […]

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First thing we receive after being delivered


The first thing you receive as proof that you are delivered is PEACE before any other thing. This world is wicked but children of God will continue to live in PEACE, peace manifested from the bottom of our HEART in the midst of troubles. When we have peace of Heart, God can now hear our prayers because we cant connect […]

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Charity begins at home, what does it mean?

Charity begins at home, what does it mean

  My brothers, charity begins at home,  in the way of God’s Word, spiritually, Home is our self first and the environment where we are, before it can extend to other. It starts from our heart to the family, from the family to others, Home is not our Country of birth but our environment of living. The work of charity […]

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Wait until you receive the Holy Spirit

Daniel Ouakakoutela

  For self deliverance, we have to meditate upon the Word, until it dwells in our hearts in order to be able to act upon the Word. For that, we pray, Sin ‘s power over our lives be broken in Jesus Christ name. Luke 24:49 And behold, I am sending the promise of My Father upon you. But remain in […]

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