Charity begins at home, what does it mean?

Charity begins at home, what does it mean


My brothers, charity begins at home,  in the way of God’s Word, spiritually, Home is our self first and the environment where we are, before it can extend to other. It starts from our heart to the family, from the family to others, Home is not our Country of birth but our environment of living. The work of charity of Jesus Christ was not only in bethlehem but in great number else where. Every where he was there was charity. In fact, every where we are is a place of charity. Our Home as environment, it belongs to our Father. Charity is defined as pure love of Christ, this does not wait for us to be in our country of birth. Let us start charity at home, home is first our heart then….(Matthew 22:37-40)
For the Savior, love and charity were identical. All of His acts of charity were done not from a sense of duty, but from a deep feeling of love for all He encountered. He didn’t limit His service to His friends, although He served His friends as well. He didn’t limit it to those who were wealthy or middle class. He didn’t even limit it to those who were worthy, in the world’s eyes, of charity.

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