Deliverance in Jesus name – Can some one be saved when not delivered?


Can some one be saved when not delivered?

Exodus 9:12 But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart..

Moses demonstrated the power of the Word of God before Pharaoh but his heart was hardened, so he could not believe in God, the God of Moses, he was not delivered.
Who is hardening your heart, God or the devil?. The time is so short, Jesus Christ is coming soon. This time, God cannot harden your heart because He loves you, He wants you saved.
spirit of humilityWhen some one is truly delivered, he or she will have peace of heart, the heart will be humble like dove, humble to hear the Word of God, and the ability, by his spirit,  to apply the Word of God.
When the heart is hardened, it is difficult to have:
Simplicity and Light
It is difficult to understand the revelation of Jesus Christ.
Word of Wisdom by Brother Daniel OUAKAKOUTELA

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