Differences Between Visions and Dreams

The main difference between visions and dreams in the Bible is that dreams are received while the person is sleeping while visions are received while the person is awake and they are often “in the Spirit.”  So many people today claim that they have visions and dreams from God but how can they know for sure if they are?  If the dream or vision comes true 100% of the time and if they completely agree with biblical doctrine, they indeed they may be from God but again, these are not the normative because we already have what God wants to say to us and His will is revealed in the Scriptures.  We cannot put God in a box but neither can we build doctrine or have new beliefs that are of human origin that come from visions or dreams and have as their source, human beings.  If anyone has a vision or dream and it doesn’t square up with what the Bible says, you can be certain that it is not from God.  It is either random or it is from the Enemy.

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