Dreaming of dead loved ones, Rebuke that spirit

Whenever you dream of dead loved ones you must know that the devil is paying you a visit and he will take it from your reaction what he should do. The dead are gone and soon they are forgotten (Ecclesiastes 9:5). This verse confirms that they had their share of this life and they never shall come back to this life, instead the living shall join them on the other side because the living know that they will die. David once said that he know very well that he will be joining his late son but not him coming back to him (2 Samuel 12:23). Isaiah 26:14 in the NLT translation says, “…their departed spirit will not return!”

Where do dreams come from?

there are three notable sources of dreams:

  1. The International Standard Bible Version says that “Too many worries lead to nightmares, and a fool is known from talking too much” Ecclesiastes 5:3). These are generally thoughts you may have been pondering on for a long time. it could be days or even a few minutes or seconds.
  2. Some dreams come from God.  Job 33:14 – 16 confirms that God speaks through dreams and visions. There are many recorded instance where God sends His message to the world through a dream. Both Joseph that lived in the time of king Pharaoh and Joseph the supposedly earthly father of Jesus received God’s messages through dreams.
  3. Some dreams come from the devil. The devil has schemes to deceive many because he knows that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12). He knows that people will associate a spiritual dream with God and not only believe it but also action on the message. He appears and an angel of light to deceive many (2 Corinthians 11:14). That is why the holy Bible cautions us of the devil’s schemes.

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