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Brothers and Sisters, this service is free. The Lord has blessed me to assist churches around the world by doing evangelism.

Many churches gifted of the holy spirit are still not known, time is short now, Jesus Christ is coming soon. So for, we need to help each other in the body of Christ for those who are still in darkness to know about Jesus Christ.


Submit or list your church, it is free while we will be spending urge amount to advertise this website. The advertisement of this website via Search Engines, Social Media … will make your church and services known.


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God bless you.


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Germiston-danielWho is Brother Daniel?

Brother Daniel is a Web Developer, Web Designer, an humble servant of God who is devoted to promote churches all over the world.

Brother Daniel is devoted to bring souls to the kingdom of God, he is gifted by the Grace of Jesus Christ, to pray for the sick and convince people to go back to God through evangelism.