I Need A Husband Fast – Weathering The Storms Of Marriage Together

I Need A Husband Fast – Weathering The Storms Of Marriage Together
I got a phone call from a stranger who claimed to have read through my article “I Need A Husband Fast” and so decided that she should give me a call because of her desire to get married as soon as possible. It is now obvious that as so many married people are looking for a way to break away from their marriage vows, others are rushing to have a feel of what marriage is all about. While a good number of people are sincerely going into marriage to fulfill God’s mandate in their lives, others see nothing to it than having fun.
It should be noted that the ultimate threat to marriages today is not the external stressors, but what is going on internally. It’s no longer news today that many people will stay in marriage relationship only as long as they are getting more out of it than what they are putting into it. Many of us have failed to build their confidence in the fact that unconditional commitment is the key to building a successful marriage. That is to say that it is only when husbands and wives are totally committed to each other that they will be able to withstand the pressures of life that are sure to come their way. This ultimately boils down to striving to live by the standards for marriage spelled out in the Bible. When we learn to put each other’s needs before our own, not giving up on each other during difficulties, and working through situations together as a team, we will be sure of a lasting relationship in marriage.
However, I actually felt sorry for the lady that called on me for help. According to her, she has concluded to get married this year with whosoever that comes to her for marriage. Marriage, to so many people is just something you close your eyes and open them to accept anybody’s proposal no matter the intention. It is worrisome that many people do not understand why they go into marriages. The situation is calls for prayers because rushing into and out of marriage, without minding what the One who designed and created marriage has to say, is dangerous. All the same, getting married is God’s will but, seeking to go out of it attracts His anger.
I do not see the sense behind the mad rush for everyone to get married, but I surely understand that it has a lot to do with the attraction between a man and a woman (Proverbs 30:18-20). God’s idea for marriage has actually served mankind well because almost everyone has an attraction to the opposite sex. Marriage, apart from producing children to populate the earth, has as a matter of fact, remained a special relationship for the building block of society, the basis for the development of the human race. People cherish marriage because it has the potency to stabilize the society as well as increasing the overall happiness and well-being of individuals.
That so many people desire marriage today is a proof that God is truly winning and the whole world is fast acknowledging His supremacy over all things. The obvious tendency of people desiring the opposite sex for a relationship points to the fact that everyone is obligated to God’s demand to get married, procreate and subdue the earth. Though the number of those that are married today is not as one might assume, yet the interest people show towards marital relationship cannot be overemphasized. Those who chose to remain single cannot be sure that they are living a normal life. This is why the search for an ideal partner has taken the center stage in people lives today. Nobody likes to have a broken home or raise children as a single parent; hence the search for an ideal partner in religious circles today.
The devil has also taken advantage of this by making people look religiously responsible outside as Christians but yet pursuing hidden evil agenda of selfishness. Churches today are filled with so many of such people whose purpose is to get paired (married) to godly men and women. Calling on men of God soliciting prayers to get married faster than necessary is truly an aberration. Are we to resort to magic to manufacture husbands to those that bombard us with prayer requests for marriage partners? Looking away from God is at the head of all these problems. Bad enough, if the so-called men of God are given to dubious acts of promising people ideal partners when in the real sense of it they do not deserve it, then there is problem somewhere.
Contracting marriages that fail the moment the couples enter it, do not speak well of our work as men of God. People have the right to know what they are entering into and the possible solutions to the pressures most couples experience in marriages. True, watching couples cry when one of their mates walk away or die is always a sorry sight. This shows that no matter what satan tries to do, people still value their marriages and as men of God, our duty is to help them in understanding the situation, rather than helping to build up the problems. Experience in marriage taught me that people who can do without a partner (in marriage) will not show such love or concern that are associated with couples of broken marriages. Couples, who end their relationships in divorce, do not just let it go. There is always an inner struggle for separation which eventually leads to psychological traumas, traceable to wrong foundations in marriage.
Nevertheless, modern ideologies which today have set a very big problem worldwide are fast helping to make happily married couples find marriage difficult no matter where they live. Since many of our human failings in marriage have a striking correlation to a prophecy of what conditions will be like just prior to Jesus Christ’s return to the earth, the Bible provides us with a true guide to proper marriage (2 Timothy 3:1-4). It is true that such things like finances, substance abuse, addictions, gambling, physical abuse, mental abuse, infidelity, immaturity, jealousy, meddling in-laws and irresponsibility, can threaten the peace of any marriage, yet the chief among them can be lack of proper foundation.
Marriage, being a union of two distinct individuals, does not promise heaven in the home where selfishness thrives. Selfishness is as a result of people focusing so much on themselves to the exclusion of others. For one to truly get married, every for of self life has to go. In some marriages, this takes a gradual process and requires the patience and understanding of the other mate. Finance, especially in this present worldwide economic difficulty, has added so much stress to many marriages, yet a little less income does not automatically doom marriage. Marriage is all about handling whatever difficulties that arise. Only those who began on wrong footings can have difficulties handling challenges in their marriage.
God actually designed human beings for a relationship with the opposite sex (Genesis 2:18). The campaigns by homosexuals for equal-status relationships (urging a change in the definition of marriage from being only between a man and a woman to a relationship between two adults regardless of gender), commonly referred to as gay marriage, can be a challenge to traditional marriage institution, yet it falls short of solving the problem of civil/human right because it negates the opinion of the One from whom rights truly come. The One who instituted marriage in the first place is God, and every problem that arises from marriage must be brought to Him for possible solution. When we fail to acknowledge God in our marriages, we get our fingers burnt in the fires of modernity!

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