Intercession – A brother interceding for his lovely sister



This is a touching story of a humble man ,who ran to the man of God and knelt down and cried to present his case before God,He pleaded that the man of God should pray for his sister who is deep in the act of LESBIANISM .intercession

The pictures of the young lady are also attached below.Filled with compassion the man of God did not ignore the man but prayed for the sister and bound the spirit of Lesbianism and gave the man free Anointed sticker and Anointed WATER as a gift to the sister .We thank God for the power of Achievement.

Viewers all over the world as you watch God’s Power .Believe Him.As many are being delivered here at WCCC,you also be delivered in the Name of JESUS CHRIST ,I say be delivered in Name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!

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