Jesus Christ is coming very soon – Vision of the Rainbow

The vision of the rainbow

Vision of the Rainbow


On the 7th of August 2018, early in the morning
I saw a vision where a rainbow from Heaven
was scanning all well known churches of God.
The color Red was on many beautiful known churches.
And the color Green of the Rainbow was on one
neglected church near a rural zone in Africa.

Color Red represents here SINS
Isaiah 1:18. Churches need redemption after a true repentance.

The church of Christ is now compromised because of
modernism. Let us go back to the Ancient Church
of Peter and Paul. The church of Christ is not the building, we are the Church and let us be white as snow because the Saviour is Holy. The Red color on the church of Christ is a warning, we need to repent and go back to the ancient Faith. God will redeem Us through Jesus Christ.  We are now loosing focus by putting our faith in material things, physical churches, we forget to focus on building Spiritual Church of Christ.


Color Green here represents Healing, Blessing,Production…
Gen 1:11-13, 2:8, 15

Rev 10: 1-3
The time is near

Evangelist Daniel

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