” What God has put together let no man seperates them “

First of all, you need to define marriage for you to talk about divorce. You need to make sure if God has put you together, if not, marriage is not taking place here, so, divorce will not even have its place.

Understand first marriage in the concept of the bible before you talk about divorce.

Here are the questions for your research:
When does marriage start? ;

When does divorce start?

Can a christian be divorced? ;

Why does the bible say it is a non believer who divorces?

Between a christian who is divorced by his/her partner but sleeps with different women/men in secret because he/she cant resist being single, and a christian who is divorced but got remarried to avoid sexual immorality, who is better in the sight of God?

Please, answer to all these points and you will have a better understanding of the will of God in marriage matters.

Remain blessed.

My name is Pastor Daniel Evangelist Ouakson 

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