infant baptisms

Find it in English here   Un enfant ne peut pas prendre une décision consciente d’obéir à Christ, ainsi le baptême pour nourrissons et jeune enfants est non biblique Vérifiez-le   La Bible est très claire sur ce qui ‘est du baptême, Dans la Bible, seuls les croyants qui avaient placé leur foi en Christ ont été baptisés – comme un témoignage public […]

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Can I loudly pray in tongues in the church

how to receive the holy spirit

Peace in the Lord Jesus Christ Brethen, the bible is telling us that let all that we do be done with love ( 1 Corinthians 16: 13 ) And the love of God is also the desire to correct with love our brothers and sisters when we think that they are wrong according to the bible. I love you that […]

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Celebrate Passover not Ishtar, it is evil

  The Pagan Origin Of Easter  Easter is a day that is honered by nearly all of contemporary Christianity and is used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The holiday often involves a church service at sunrise, a feast which includes an “Easter Ham”, decorated eggs and stories about rabbits. Those who love truth learn to ask questions, and […]

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