About WCCC

Word Community Counselling Center

  World Community Counselling Centre is a faith based organization which aims at making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people who are underprivileged around the world. It focuses on providing care and support to vulnerable communities hence its vision of giving to the less privileged is more than preaching the gospel:Proverbs 19:17.   Mission Statement: […]

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Amen Tabernacle: 31.12.15

amen tabernacle

Réveillon de Nouvel an 2016. Une nouvelle année proclamée “année de perfection et de Prospérité” par le Pasteur Zakola. Visiter la page Facebook Un réveillon avec comme base l’écoute de la dernière bande du prophète ayant comme titre « La Communion»…..Apres cela le pasteur Zakola exhorté en rapport avec Jean 17 et a montré que : • Luther =Abraham: Foi […]

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Wait until you receive the Holy Spirit

Daniel Ouakakoutela

  For self deliverance, we have to meditate upon the Word, until it dwells in our hearts in order to be able to act upon the Word. For that, we pray, Sin ‘s power over our lives be broken in Jesus Christ name. Luke 24:49 And behold, I am sending the promise of My Father upon you. But remain in […]

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Brother Daniel

what is love

My spiritual life began to change positively for the glory of God, my wife and I was serving the Lord in a Church named YAHWEH SHAMMAH MINISTRY. In 2010, was for me the year I encountered Jesus Christ. My encounter:  I was reading the book named the revelation of Jesus Christ; it is a spoken word from the prophet William […]

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