Prophet L.N Just shook all the money from heaven to you

deliverance in the name of Jesus

20 /09/ 15

Deliverance in the name of JesusProphet L.N Just shook all the money from heaven to you as he symbolized this by shaking off his jacket pockets to you in Jesus’ Name .Receive yours today .


No more debts ,Car you buy cash ,house you buy cash no more borrowing if you believe take it from heaven right now.


Special Grace is being released to all the Blessing Tv partners all over the World ,it’s shaking now ,no more poverty , no more room for poverty ,take it now ,take it now


Every bank account that is dry be restored in JESUS’ NAME .
These the words straight from the Man of God . Every partner for Blessing Tv begin to receive from the source Jesus Christ ,it is yours ,Hold it ,pounds ,dollars receive your money today. Shout it is mine and hold it.


Viewers all over the world wherever you might be get connected to Prophet L.N Justin in Spirit ,right now we are in the Mass Prayer it’s the Kuba Kuba time .Receive the blessing of Jesus from Prophet L.N Justin right away by Faith. As the Prayer roll in the hotness of the HOLY GHOST FIRE.

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