SERMON: The Royalty of the Anti-Christ

SERMON: The Royalty of the Anti-Christ

This sermon was preached by Pastor Daniel Ouakson at the Trinity of the Most High God

On 29/10/2023.

You may notice some mistakes in this document, please, understand that this is the original copy of the transcript without correction.



My brother, my sister,

I greet you all. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Good person to see. I bless everyone present in this climate. And all while the Weather is not very well outside.. But God gave us his grace. You and I are in the house of prayer. We are happy When they tell us to go to the house of the. You and me are in the house of the Lord. I learned some That is why we are happy, isn’t it? We just salute to the monde. I greet everybody. On the new shift on YouTube who. Is following us on YouTube. On Facebook. On Facebook. On Twitter. Twitter as well. So, service on direct. This service is a life service, my brother. The message we. Will present the message of today. The royalty of the Antichrist. And the Antichrist. The message. The message of today. We are here to. Will bless each, every, each and every body. It is present. Those that are. Here social. And the ones that are following through the social media. And those. Who are going to follow after the sharing of this Word. My brother, my sister. To give a message. And I pray. I pray. Who will listen to this message 1 or 2 months later. This consideration. I pray that you may consider this message. A message, a 20 minute. Paragraph, a 30-minute message, by the grace of God may. But it will be for the bride of. Christ. So, you, you are the Bride of Christ you. And it pulls the Christ. You will know that it’s good to go to heaven. There are only two destinations. There is a hell and a heaven. But you and I, we need to understand that the perfect destination is heaven bound destination. It is not a hell. And then you and I, by the grace of God, we are going to heaven. In Jesus name. Say amen. Amen. If you believe, say it. Amen. Amen. Because sitting proper to amen. Because if you yourself you do not believe. How can you go to Paradise? You see, someone will say. I am like this. I’m like that GDP of Paradise. Because of such ways, I’m not able to go to Paradise.


I remember I was a widower, a brother. Friar in. Our studio online prophetic orientation. Prophet this orientation prophetic. We used to do it on YouTube live. Only facing live lives for YouTube. We used to do it on an aptitude. We used to do it live. Only for live. Then. I remember one day with a brother. That brother had a problem. The programs are qualified. Imagine that guy eats a lot. Of Mallard. And then he fell ill. So, Fred contacted on YouTube, on Facebook. So, on Google. He contacted me through Google. Hey. I pray I’ll have the formula. After that, he filled the forms. On the studio. He joined the studio. A jolly, familiar mallard. In those films. He said he was sick. And the cause of his sickness was him eating a lot. The doctor and the doctors could not find any solution to that problem. Maybe he was going to die in a month. Some have the to say. That touched me. I pray me to know. And after that. I never need on the studio. We came into the studio. The studio. And there is a garrison division. I asked him, do you believe in divine healing? Pastor said. Pastor, I do not know. I don’t know, because I don’t have the Holy Spirit. he said. I do not have the Holy Ghost. Don’t. Don’t cry, he said. In his belief. He said to himself. Come in the centre. Because he does not have the Holy Ghost, the Lord will not heal him. We journey in the centre. He thought that God was not going to heal him because he does not have the Holy Ghost. That is where I found the prophetic citation that says this. Could you end the Saint-Esprit. Whether you have the Holy Ghost or not? Due. Solano, Best buy. Dude, that does not stop. God from healing. whether you have the Holy Ghost or not. the deliverer. It does. Not stop God from delivering you to. The Saint-Esprit. Whether you have the Holy Ghost or not. It does not stop God from blessing you. A different this. Is different. Is for everybody. God can listen to your prayer while you do not have the Holy Ghost. God may answer to your prayer. While. You do not have the Holy Ghost. Amen. The Saint-Esprit. This is what’s happening. There are people they think. They have prayed and God has answered the prayer.


They think that they have the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can come for a moment. For a moment, and to Do his job . the Holy Ghost can come even to visit a donkey. just to. Do its work. But it does not mean the Holy Ghost is in a. Donkey, so the Holy Ghost can even enter the body of a witch and. The which begins to prophesy. The prophets. So, God is the God of love., I call it the hidden manna and the manna. The hidden manna is for you and I. The hidden manna. It is the person. It is for those who will go to Paradise. In Paradise. But the manna. It is for everyone. And so, God, you can deliver a person. You put deliver in person. Can heal a person. In person. Even a wish person in person. You can heal the wish person. God can heal a witch fetish teacher. He can heal a witch doctor. Even if Amazon or parody. But to go to heaven. So those people will not go Difference. There is a difference. Excuse me. Am I being understood? Do you understand? Hey hey hey. He said that’s not understand. Can you explain it to to him? Try to explain. Of God can heal a witchdoctor. God can heal even a witch person. But when it comes to Paradise. Hey, God can heal anybody. God can answer the prayer of a stripper. God can answer a prayer of a stubborn person. Person created you. God can bless. You for being. A person who is giving. In person. Key down. We used to give share money in person. We used to do charity in person. God can bless those people. But it. Does not mean that that person will go to. Heaven because that person IRA ACL. There is a difference between the blessing on earth. And the. Blessing in heaven. blessing. Requires the Holy Ghost for you to go to heaven. You need the Holy Ghost. You are. But you can be blessed on earth. Any shorter. To travel, to prove you. Work and you make money. Is gone. That is giving you the grace to work. It on the grass to try. But if you do not have the Holy Ghost. Saint-Esprit. It is not possible to go to heaven. I believe here now we understand. So, I was inspired by the Holy Ghost. Inspired by. To motivate that brother. To motivate. Who put a barrier here. A barrier. He spoke. I do not have the Holy Ghost. how. Can God heal me? Come on. I am here. To tell someone whether you have the Holy Ghost or not. You know. If he does not stop God to heal you. and to bless you. Hallelujah. Say amen. Amen. We are going to take the Bible. New solo leader. Luke chapter says, verse nine.


We will read the book of Luke, chapter 16, verse 19. A chip or not. Luke, it says this nerf. You may take note. Luke chapter 16, verse 19. A. Revelation chapter 17, verse four. Apocalypse. Just write down, please. And the last biblical verse. It is John chapter 19, verse two. We are going to read in French and in English. Please. I will be short today in my message, but I pray that you understand the main idea. Principle. So, we have Luke chapter 16, verse 19. Luke revelation. Chapter 17, verse four. Apocalypse verse John. Chapter 19, verse two. John. Okay, so who can read in English and in French? Be connected. My brother, my sister. My sister. Luke chapter six verses. We start with Luke chapter 16, verses 19. I read in the name of Jesus. Amen. There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. Amen. Amen. Amen. Okay, keep a little on France. Luke chapter six, verse eight. Who can read in French Luke 16, verse 19. Giselle. Or you carry on with the revelation, chapter 17, verse four. I read in the name of Jesus. Amen. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet and was glittering with gold. Precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of adulteries. Amen. Amen. John, chapter 19, verse two. John Sharp, this knife verse. So, I don’t connect. Be connected. My brother. My sister. As you read the word of God. John chapter 19, verse four. To verse two, I read in the name of Jesus. The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe. Yes, John, chapter 19, verse two is okay now. Okay. You can carry on. And went up to him against again and again, saying, hail, King of the Jews! And they slapped him in the face. Amen. And okay. We have read Luke chapter 16, verse 19. Luke chapter six, verses of. Revelation, chapter 17, verses four. Apocalypse, chapter eight, verse six. And John chapter 19. Verse eight. I believe you have read also in French because. You are in France. Okay, let us bow our heads to pray and. cleaner notes on prayer. Father, Lord, we thank you for today.


 We thank you for your word. We preach it today. The royalty of the Antichrist. The Antichrist. My father. I pray for whoever will follow this message. Us the message. Let him be motivated. Motivate. Let him be motivated by your spirit. Motivate. Because the time is near. The moment passes. That your son Jesus Christ is about to come. So, Jesus Christ. Teach us Jehovah. to understand your will, to volunteer and to follow your desire. Teach everyone on. We going to. Hear or listen this message? Give a. Message. To make a man with you. If we arrange. To set our house in order. It. In the name of Jesus Christ. Father, Lord, I pray. That. This word. Set to be. Covered by the power of your spirit. And to deliver, to heal, too. Deliver and to. Save everyone in the name of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus bless. The instrument. Beneath this instrument that. You are using, the instrument that you are using, the instrument. That you. Utilize your servant. Bless him, Jehovah. So that if we continue. Continue. To preach your word. In. The name of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesu Christ, I. Pray for the spirit of the mighty God. To be here powerfully. And to. Bless everyone. Following this message. With a message. Those who are on YouTube. On YouTube. On Facebook. Your Facebook on. Pot, be your pot, be on Twitter.


Even my brother, my sister. Oh Lord Jesus Christ. Christ, Benny, Benny. In the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Jehovah. Because you give us. The concentration. So, listen to your word. Oh, Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Amen. Let us applaud for the Holy Ghost acclaim. For the Saint-Esprit. Applaud, applaud three four. Yes. My brother, my sister. I was. Saying that the title of my. Message. Is the royalty of the Antichrist. The Antichrist. Royalty, the Antichrist. We know that in this world we have two kings. So, dear counterpart, the day when we speak. About two kings, we see dear. The principal kings. The principal kings. We only have two. We have Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And we have Lucifer. Lucifer. Lucifer. Lucifer. Who is working with Satan? God is working with Jesus Christ. Lucifer. Lucifer is working with Satan. Remember, Lucifer was in heaven. Lucifer. He was the angel of God. He was the angel of God. Brother. Frank, I need a keyboard, please, for the background sound. So, he was an angel of God in heaven. Okay. He was worshiping and he was the perfect worshiper Lucifer. Lucifer. When you see Lucifer is at the beginning. He was not evil. Lucifer. Lucifer. Lucifer was the angel of the Lord. He was there to worship the Lord. But Lucifer. Some time. Later, Lucifer. Devotees. Committed. Sin pride. He was very well with God. He had God’s trust. Lucifer a prophet. Now Lucifer took advantage. Of a corrupt angel. Corrupting certain angels in heaven. Lucifer is Tom. That’s how Lucifer fell. God punished him. Can’t you read Tom? When he fell. Lucifer. Transform. Lucifer was. Transformed. Into an angel of darkness. Satan. That is when we see Satan. Satan? Satan is the angel of darkness. So, you see Jesus Christ. We see Jesus. Christ avec with God. May Satan. But Satan. with. Lucifer. No. Don’t you see? Here we see two kings. There are two kings. You see. We have Jesus Christ of. Nazareth. The King of kings. The King of kings, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. And we have Lucifer. Lucifer? Who is the prince of this world? The prince. The second. Jesus Christ. Lucifer. Jesus Christ. That is the prince of this world. Now Zealand royalty. We will now see the Red. Cross. Of Antichrist. Because our King, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is governing. And the devil also is governing the governor. Governing, means he has people behind him. So, Jesus Christ has his people. And the devil also has his. People. Me too. I am one the royalty.


The Jews we will. Christ. The royalty of the Antichrist. The royalty of the Antichrist. The Antichrist. You see in Luke chapter six, verse eight. We read in Luke chapter 16, verse 19. Long, rich. The rich man. Rich. He was well dressed. Follow me. Please. I will be short. The rich man was well dressed. But the Bible is saying he was dressed in purple. Reported by June couture were mauve. Julie. Julie. Julie. Julie. Okay, okay. Don’t. The the rich man was wearing purple. He disobeys the colour. Finally connect Racy Kelly. See Now, what we need to do is to know the meaning of the colour purple. Kelly. What is the meaning of that colour? Purple. Sir Manfred. Look. Well, my brother, my Legs may reach the Lucian alliance. Richmond in the old covenant. Even the kings either severe on colour. Violette. They usually dressed themselves in purple in Serbia. And colour Violette. The colour of their garments was purple. It means the colour purple.


The colour de. La royalty. Friend not take no compound. La la la. Because you must understand the beginning. La couleur Violette the colour purple. Violette the colour purple de la royalty is the. Colour of royalty. Yes, the colour de la royalty. Colour royalty. Colour purple. Alliance. In the. Old days, only. Rich. Rich man. Is it a la honour to be the colour? Purple clothes. Rich. Don Luke says. So The rich man in Luke 16. The Bible says he was dressed in a colour purple. It was a rich. Rich. But Lazarus was a poor and sick mallard. Lazarus was poor and sick. The rich man was healthy. He disappeared. And he was well dressed, just like a king should. But the Bible says this When the rich man died, he said, convey an unfair. He found. Himself in hell. My lord. But the poor man Lazarus, when he died, he said. He found himself in the hands of Abraham. De Luke says this nerve. That’s what we read in Luke 1619. See them. Once. Follow me carefully, please. No, don’t. Apocalypse chapter 18 verse. Start in revelation chapter 17, verse four. Until the Dean farm. The Bible is talking about a woman doing farm. The Bible speaks about a woman. It says the farm la causing abomination. And that woman calls an abomination. Set. She is disobeyed to the word of God. Set the family according She corrupted the whole world. That is in revelation 17. Verse. Four. The woman, here is the devil. Is it? The woman we talk about in revelation 17. Antichrist. He is. The Antichrist, It is the person who is working against Jesus Christ of. But could the pastor and a prophet. Many pastors and prophets in. His own They spoke about the woman. They not. Coming behind the Catholic religion is important. Is very important. To. Follow this message carefully. Please. Monde. I will only. Summarize, I. Would only summarize. Don’t profit so many profits in his own firm. Don’t unpack the apocalypse.


They’ve explained that the woman we talk about in the book of revelation. Antichrist. Is the Antichrist is. A present, and its a. Person that represents. Represents power. You see. This person represents the Catholic churches. It means let’s pray Antichrist. The spirit Antichrist. As the spirit of a woman. Babylon, Babylon. That is what we say in revelation. In that spirit. Will use the Catholic religion. Influence. To influence. the. Whole world. with the. Number one country of this world. Civilization. Follow me, I am moving. Please write down. Plainly. Not silver. Play. I will start again. Let’s play Antichrist. The spirit Antichrist. Let’s play the Lucifer. It is the spirit of. Lucifer represented on the firm. Represented in a woman, said the firm.


That woman is the great one. Give it is. Who will use., the Biggest religion called the Catholic religion on all On them all, the. Catholic. To overtake the. World. Let us follow this step by step it up. The look says. It looks 16. On a marriage. Elroy. We understood that rich men and kings of this world. It is a dear Uncle Violette. They were dressing themselves in the purple colour. Madonna don’t juncture this verse. Not in John chapter 19, verse two. Until the present day. The message. I am presenting the message. In Jesu Christi and Dalanie. Here we see Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary on the Abbey.  He was dressed in a purple cloth. For the Holy Ghost is. Like the Holy Ghost. I am presenting the parallel. Present the parallel. Jesu Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, Jesu Christ when he was dying. But not till the. Devil represented by people that were fighting, that Jesus was. Represented by John Key, they took. A robe is. In a robe which. Were purple. Here in la couleur Violette. And they put it on. Jesus was. Jesu Christ. It means that there was a mocking at him.


They were saying. It is. You. You say that you are the king. What you did. Now you are done. Voila! Here. Now wear this clothe. For the last time. That I wear this. Purple cloth for the last time. That is what they were telling him. And they put on the purple cloth on Jesus Christ. But the for God it is that they were just confirming. They confirm that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. Hallelujah. They thought. They were making Jesus Christ for. Elizabeth Jesus Christ, with that purple garment. Spiritually, as a volunteer spiritually. The devil contrary to his own will. I confirm. Hallelujah! The royalty of Jesus Christ. President. You can go to the mix that you reduce a little bit the keyboard, the volume of the keyboard. They have confirmed the eternal royalty of Jesus Christ. You’re a guardian. Look here, Jose Maria. Jesus Christ is dying. Why do they say. With this comment? You call. Yourself King. Look at you, Maria. While you are. Dying. What is it? Put this cloth. Medinilla. But that cloth. Was a. purple cloth. It’s a prophetic. It’s prophetic. Don’t know. It means we. Have two kings. And the kings of this world wear purple colour. Will see it soon. And the King. Of kings will also wear a purple garment. And the. Enemy of this world are. Confirmed. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And the. Chronicle. Where? On the cross. At the cross of Calvary. without. Even knowing. That. I want to say this in someone’s life. Until there are. People mocking you. Don’t tell you the truth. In the situation, you may find yourself in. Determining they. Think it’s over for you. They think it’s finished for you. So, keep untrain the fair. But what they are doing is used to confirm. It’s only to confirm. the Testimony they will soon do. For your life. Is a country to the Same thing they are using against you. The last thing that they are using against you, the thing that they are using against you. God will use it for yourself. God has the power to use it for yourself. For example, If the devil is going to use your brother, for example, your sister. God has the power. That you deserve That same system. Make the instrument of testimony for your own good. That is why. You must. Not panic. On a missionary they put. On him and. A cloth of a purple colour, which means the king The person to honour hypocrisy.


For them it was hypocrisy. Without knowing it They have confirmed Christ as King of Kings. Name may confirm. May my enemies confirm me the prince that I’m the princess and my. God. Is. My king. That’s what you should always mourning me. May confirm my Enemies. Confirm me. May confirm. May the devil confirm me that I’m A child of God. I am a servant of God That is what Jesus Christ of Nazareth. When he was. Before the devil. The devil. Say this. To face the deer. You son of God! For you. What are you doing, Countryman? What are you doing against me? Don’t blow it, Jesus Christ. It means the devil knew Jesus Christ. So, the devil confirmed who was Jesus Christ. So, it’s like you and. The pastor, Daniel Jackson. You see, Pastor Daniel Jackson, for example. The consideration. Your level of consideration for him is maybe 10%. More than me. But my enemy. a sane person living a 100% value. That is the difference. This is. Complicated. Pathetic. It’s pathetic. What you may consider a person. Maybe you only consider me 10% more enemy. But my Enemy. Don’t. Gives me a 100% value. Let. Let me. The enemy I’m talking about is the devil. The enemy is not a brother or a sister. Don’t. It means in the kingdom of the devil, in my view. He sees me. Ha! Jesus! I don’t know if you understand what. The Diablo and the. Kingdom of. Energy range. He thinks that I’m an agent that disturb that. He sees me as a stubborn person. He sees me as a powerful one. Sister came here. Prophetic. I prophesied over her one day. And when I prayed for that sister. The next. Day she had a.


Dream. She said, Pastor. Daniel, that you. Prayed for me. But I had a dream this night. This night I had a dream to me. I saw you put your hand. On the farm. You put your hand in. The serpent. And you took out the snake. To me. And you put your hand for the. Second push. In my pocket. If your first year they said. You took out the snake. Dean. Sir, this is the. Testimony of a sister of this. Church. I’m not going to. See. What this means. She ate me.  push pull for the serpent. I put my hand in her pocket to take the snake out. Just this one. This is a testimony. In a serpent to represent the devil. And that. Snake represents the snake represents witchcraft. The person. I pray for, that. Person say, you see. It was he. She saw me putting her my hand in her pocket. Such a graph. This is too much savagery. Don’t, don’t, don’t circle the serpent. It means there was a snake in her bag. So, don’t suppose you have a serpent? There was a snake in her pocket. So complicated. It’s complicated. It’s not her lover. But the devil bewitched her. You have the habit of saying. My friend. Give me. Your lipstick. I forgot my own. Don’t worry. Don’t lose your nerve. Lend me your lipstick. You open your bag. Until the dawn. And they give you a lipstick. You apply. You must be careful. That’s good. You may reveal. Because God revealed to me. The sister said I put my hand in and I took out a snake. Don’t call a person they don’t know. When the. Person gives you money. On rent. Give me the. Rent. They give you the money, don’t. They give you with the snake? That is what it means, professor. Attention! You must be very careful the devil. He is represented by the serpent. Represented by the serpent. Can never be good with me. In the kingdom. Of the devil. In round person, they see. Me as a great. Person in authority. They see me as an authority on. They see me very powerful. They see. Me as a person used by God. to take. Out the snake in people’s pockets. To take out the. Money to neighbour. To take. People out of the. Street. As though. From the spirit of. Water. You see now what. Gives me value here? The gentleman doesn’t. Now the devil. Gives me more value than you. I know it. Shouldn’t be that way. Sandpaper. It comes. It should not be like that. Is my massage. I’m going to finish soon is. See the devil here. He has honoured Jesus Christ. The devil. The devil said. Do what you must. Truly you troubled me. But you must obey. You distracted me. You, Jesus Christ. Jesu Christ. You have wronged. Us. Jesus, you have. Done wrong. Judas have fed you, man. You have. Deliver us. Deliver.


You have cast out every evil. Spirit of us. We have succeeded. To. Kill you on the cross of Calvary. At the place. You. You said that you are the king. But now you are dying here. Where? Now? This government. Both men are said to be Christian. That is the prophecy. Come here. Monsieur. Someone can see. My brother. My sister. They can tell. You that your Life is over. You are too full of yourself. Now look at what is happening. See what is happening to you, don’t worry yourself. My brother. My sister. Can’t you arrive at a tap. When you reach a certain. Step? Come in a tap, a final. As a final step. Don’t let difficulty in difficulties. Let the power of God. Will stop their Failure to. Make you enter. Point number one. I repeat. Of success. Hallelujah! Amen. So that’s what it means. My brother. My sister. Now it’s a message.


This message presents the end of time. What is the end of time? When did the end of time start? Because we read the book of revelation about John. Apostle John. The Apocalypse. Presented the book of Revelation and don’t. Believe the apocalypse. And in that book of John are present. The apostle John. Set the degrees. He presented the seven ages of the church. And the age is a large, the loudest. And the last age is the age of loudest. Cheers. Loudest exist on the. Loudest existed during that time. I don’t mean It was in 2000. Would you say excyst around. existed before, isn’t it? So, the end of time either. Come on, say the Lord. Started long time ago. The portray. John because Apostle John. The description he gave for the Lord is. The description of the behaviour of Lutetia. The children of God in the time of Apostle John. Is the second part. The Lord say they were. Behaving like in Lutetia. the loudest, because. There was a church called the Church of Lutetia. Compound. For a good understanding. For a. Better understanding, follow the. Teaching. Let’s set the facts about the. Seven phases of the Christian. Life. On other side, you see, we preach that set the father the Seven phases of Christian. The end of time started a long time ago.

The Apostle John. In the time of Apostle John. Or don’t the portrait Paul. In the time of Apostle Paul. There were people who stopped. Working because. They say Jesus Christ is coming. Soon. That’s why the. Bible we see. Apostle Paul. Said He condemned. Those people Who stopped. Working on attendance. Waiting for Jesus Christ. That’s why you and me. We should work to. Don’t only pray by being ready. Knowing that Jesus Christ can come anytime soon. That is the end. Of. The time of the end time. Don’t some processes. In this process? Only on the river of degree. We are reaching a level many people do see. But the Bible says. That one can arrive at the Grand Tribulation. Before reaching the Great. Tribulation. Jesus will come to lift us. Up, can arrive at a grand tribulation. Before reaching the Great Tribulation, Jesus Christ will come to take us. Don’t compound the scene. We need to understand the signs. Do you understand what compound?  We need to. Understand the signs. Do not a killer. What is the time now? It’s going to arrive at a grand tribulation. Are we reaching the Great tribulation? The tribulation. Has the. Tribulation already begun. In Israel? See what is happening in Israel. These are in terrible. In Israel. There is a terrible war there. Is it what Jesus Christ predicted? We do not know. But if it’s what Jesus. Did on April. Are we ready? On Israel. There is a war in Israel. Israel is attacking. Israel is attacked. Now Hamas. The Hamas. Hamas is on the Israel. Attacking Israel. So, Jesus Christ are ready now. Is this what Jesus Christ predicted? See if it’s what he predicted. We need to be very careful. My sister and my brother. I want to terminate.


 You see. Before ending my message, I would like. Compress the receiver. The prophecy. I would. Like for us to follow the prophet. Of praise. You will conclude my message. And then. I will conclude. My message. Prophecy. Then prophet, we. Will follow the prophecy of the prophet. On me. Thank me. Current. Current. Think. I’m sure it happened in 1945. Do Fred and Fred, can you be ready? Prepare the thing. So, news, allow me to swivel the prophecy. We are going to follow that prophecy. We conclude the message and. Then I will conclude. Please follow the. Beat. Just to follow my Okay. I will tell you. And you prepare even the video, okay? I didn’t explain everything to you. The video on the phone. Or you can you can you give me the phone? Give me the phone. Be. Be connected. My brother, my sister. So, connected. We are going to follow a prophecy. A prophecy of a prophet. Prepare the audio there. I will give you a son before you play it. So, I unconnected myself on prayer. Let’s be connected, my brother, my Sister on Facebook, on. YouTube and those of you following through Facebook. A series we. Are studying time and. Prophetic. This is very serious. I followed in my life because I. Grew up. In the teachings of this prophet William. Branham. William. Mary. I was baptized. As a prophet in the. Teachings of that. Former convict, William. Marion Branham. It means the person was baptized. The Prophet William, under the teaching. Of Prophet William. Visited the. Day Jesus. Christ. I was reading. The prediction, the prophet, the preaching. Of that prophet.


 Revelation of Jesus. Christ. And when I read that. At. Night I. Never knew. Jesus Christ came on. The scene. We were with people on Rob. He was dressed. In apparel, preaching the Word. Of God to. On the premier. I was on the first. Mover. And a few moments later. We found ourselves in a field plantation, a plantation. I was hungry, I was hungry, we were many. And I said I was hungry. Jesus Christ showed. Me the grain, a grain, the grandma. It was a maroon grain. He told me to eat it. Grandma. On another day. I took that grain and ate it. Grandma, after. Eating that grain. Year, told me. You must read Matthew 12. Matthew of dos. In my life before I’ve never read Matthew. 12. And that’s when I read Matthew 12. That is when I understood that even in Matthew 12, Jesus Christ was with his disciples in a camp. Who is a teacher What are we doing? Their work. And the. Pharisees came to mock them. Because. It was a Sabbath day. Duty. That’s why everything in my lifestyle, that’s when I started. That’s when I started seeing things now. So, Prophet William Branham. This prophet, William Branham. In a prophecy, he. Presented the prophet. See, you will follow. That prophecy. A prophecy, a prophecy, a prophecy. And he says in that prophecy. before. The end of time. In a European farm, there will. Be a woman. Chevalier, sir. You see, Chevalier, you prefer to interpret a prince around USA. These Americans are better the compound, sir. See the prophecy? The prophet William Branham. I will read. The prophecy of that man. Said prophecy present on me. It was presented in 1933. Okay. I begin to read. Follow me. This is a woman’s nation to nation Dressed in real, highly royal purple. Royal, see? Follow me carefully. It is the number 13. As. It appears in the 13th chapter of revelation. Spreading the. Good is appear in the 13th chapter of revelation., 13 stars Anyway. Everything is 13 to choose. The phrase. Everything is woman. A to choose 18 firm. And remember.


They will be a woman. In firm. Rule before the end times. She will either be president. A president. Or vice president. Or vice president. Or it will be the Catholic Church. As a woman it on firm. That’s a. This is 1990. I continue to read the prophecy. You continue the prophecy. I have seen her. She said, firm. A great woman. The nation bowed to her. It will be one before the end time. Thus said the Lord. Wrote it down. Equivalent. And found out. You young people a fact. you young. People who come here because he knew he was going to die. He knew that the fathers were going to die. But the young people who were with him in that place, they were. Wise. They will see. That they continue. I carry on, write it down. Equivalent not found out. You young people, said. See if it happens. And if. A see. It does not happen, then I am a false prophet. For profit. Free from control. I told you. Sir. We are not going to pay the When you see. It. When you watch it on TV, on the screen. The project. Are you going to see where is it? Okay. You will see. That a woman is speaking about. An American from Asian origin. Her name is Harris Right now she’s the vice president of America. United States. Of America. She was dressed in purple. For the inauguration. The day of the. Inauguration. Inauguration. The duration of the inauguration. Of the inauguration on Violette. She was dressed in purple. Confirmation. That is the confirmation. Okay, brother Dunford, can you put now the prophecy civil, not a prophecy. My sermon for prophecy. Civil theory. Latterly civil. Brother Danforth, you can put it. She got a prophecy. Follow the prophecy. The most high god. Stay connected. With. Daniel. Now.


I predicted and said I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real, highly royal like purple, dressed in real, highly royal like purple, dressed in real, highly royal like purple. And I got little princes down here. She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps a Catholic church. A woman. Some woman, I don’t know. It’ll be the Catholic Church. I don’t know, I can’t say. The only thing I seen. I see the woman. That was all. But this is a woman’s nation. This nation is number 13. In prophecy. She’s got 13 stripes, 13 stars. She started with 13 colonies. 13, 13. Everything’s 13 appears the 13th chapter of revelations. Even she’s 13 and she’s a woman nation. Thus they. There’ll be a woman. She’ll either be president, vice president, or it’ll be the Catholic Church as a woman. I’ve seen her a great woman, a nation bowed to her. It’ll be won before the end time. The three curtains. I’ll say this in the name of the Lord. Don’t you forget it. There’s an iron curtain. A bamboo curtain and a purple curtain. What’s that? Purple curtain? Amen. Keep your eye on that. Oh, my. How we see now the Antichrist beginning to unfold itself. Taking a hold in the nation. Thus, sayeth the Lord. Write it down and find out for young people. If it happened now, I predicted and said I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royal purple, dressed in real, highly royal like purple, dressed in real, highly royal like purple. And I got little princes down here. She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps a Catholic church. A woman. Some woman, I don’t know. It’ll be the Catholic Church. I don’t know, I can’t say the only thing I’ve seen. I see the woman. That was all. But this is a woman’s nation. This nation is number 13. In prophecy. She’s got 13 stripes, 13 stars. She starred with 13 colonies. 13, 13. Everything’s 13. Appears in the 13th chapter of revelations. Even she’s 13 and she’s a woman nation. Thus, they have the law. There’ll be a woman. She’ll either be president, vice president, or it’ll be the Catholic Church as a woman. I’ve seen her a great woman. A nation bowed to her. It’ll be won before the end. The three curtains. I’ll say this in the name of the Lord. Don’t you forget it. There’s an iron curtain, a bamboo curtain and a purple curtain. What’s that? Purple curtain? Amen. Thank you. You see, You, see? It’s passing here. Voila. The farm. Voila! Farm and vice president. Voila! Voila, Violette. Can you take the camera? The video photo’s. Vernacular. Violette. She’s dressed in in purple. A main event here. This is in 2021 on me. But the prophecy was given way in 1935. Mid-1933. About this. Woman. Mention of the prophecy.


 The confirmation of the. Prophet is in 2021, and she is vice President and Vice. President. Of the United States of America. The first woman to be vice president. Or vice president. I take a photo. Okay, that is the first woman. What are you see the time? My brother, my sister. We must not joke. We must not. Play. on me. The prophecy was given in 1933. Come now. Set the farm la on the mill. That farm on the mill. Come on. Apple de mill sur present la. She presents herself in 2021. Minor prophets are prophets on the. Prophet prophesied in 1933, and the confirmation was in 2021. And you just saw concerning that woman. She is dressed in purple. On a black path. We must not. Play with God’s things. Do you say no, it’s not. I don’t. Have verses. I said you have a prophecy. Don’t you have? If you don’t like prophecies, it means you are blind situation. You crop out a prophecy because you don’t. Believe in prophecies. Why do you dream? Because you. Have. Why do you dream? To solve a problem. That is the problem. Don’t you profit because you have, You are a prophet because you dream. Me to know regarding me, to know me, to know a moment. No, we are in which moment? Because the prophet said, watch. The professor dies before. The end time. I want you to. Know that a woman will be there. Said she will be either vice president. And vice president. Or president. Or president. Or a Catholic church. Catholic come from. A Catholic church, is a away is a woman. I’m trying to say to you. And we are here looking for money every day. It is good. Society.


But we must make. Sure that. We are ready. When Jesus. Christ comes. To look for us on earth. We must make sure that we are ready, because if we are not ready. Our Lord’s grave. It’s going to be bad for. Us. Confirmation on this is the confirmation that we’ve reached the end of time. Me I received three visions. The first vision I received as. The vision of the rainbow. the. Rainbow. View. You will see. The rainbow. Until the marsh. Was moving in the sky. Then as a writer and. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He was there. With the rainbow. You see now what happened? Jesus Christ was scanning churches. the scanner was scanning churches. Jesu la conceal. I saw the rainbow. Seven colours. the. Colour of the rainbow. Upon many churches. My brother, my sister. The grandest disagrees. Those churches. Were big. Churches on YouTube. It’s on my YouTube channel. Is Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus. Christ. Come on. Why did this colour of the rainbow became less. Grease. On top of churches? Jesus Christ. Colour red here. It means sin physically on ground. Those churches are great., They are sinning. That’s why the. Colour of the. Ground. Was big. A moment later the rainbow went away. To    the bush, to the bush. And then when the rainbow reached the Bruce, the I call it the bush lost. It went on top of a church. Is it, I suppose? Sure. You know, it was. A local small church. And the rainbow was now green. It’s the green colour of the rainbow that dominated The green colour of the rainbow took over and said, come on. Why this small church? And if you convert a partner. Why is this small church covered by the green colour of the rainbow. Okay.


That church is very little. Is so on trend is a come. But they are behaving like the older church. Can you check the video? Brother Danforth, check the video there. Put things normal. The activity of the. Rainbow was green. Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ saves. It means the church was behaving well. Now you and the civil appearance. We are following. The appearance. The civil appearance is the vision. Of the stars falling. I saw two angels come to. Me this week. That was in. 2008. On YouTube. It’s there on YouTube. Two angels came. Are the two angels were speaking. I was decided. Come see me. It’s like they did not see. I was. Trying to. Listen to what they were saying. What were they saying, Is not present. And they presented a plan. The destruction, the. Plan of destruction. And the. Angel said. Over the bar, come on, say America. We will start by destroying America. And literally. Literally. And then we’re going to end by Italy.


 A star will fall upon America. Italy. In Italy. Long live! And then there will be rapture. That was the plan. You only heard my brother, my sister. This is the so says the Lord. Says it to Avon. I don’t know if the stores. Are. Going to fall before the first rapture. Or before the second rapture. Present day. Because the Bible speaks about two raptures. Long live the reapers. The rapture of the bride. And the rapture of. Israel. Read the Bible, my brother. Israel. And Israel will suffer. Israel on a ground tribulation. Israel will be a great tribulation but. Before the end of the great tribulation is when Jesus will come. To are. With you and. Me. you will. See Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will establish. Jerusalem.


The new Jerusalem. That’s the Bible, my brother, my sister. A very speech I’m going to give. The summary. Summary? Yeah. Mr. Porter. What’s important here is the two stars. That are going to destroy the America and Italy. America, a part of America. Very savoir will. Receive a star. And. It’s going to be chaotic. Italy and Italy. Y America. The confirmation is a prophecy of prophet. Because the America will work with the Catholic Church. to present. The New World order, to The whole. World. The stars will fall off of. The Jersey. Christ even before the coming of Jesus. But it will not fall. Everywhere, only point strategic. It will. Be in strategic. Fall. But God. Showed me. America. America is Italy and Italy. We need to be careful. River. Maybe it will. Happen before they come.

Where they stop. Before. But God. Saw his true angels. That the stars. Will fall. Before the rapture. Of the bride. Only the model Israel. Of Israel. The third vision I saw. On I see. Is what we talked about here. The 1000 houses, prophet Joshua. Joshua. Project. Mason, T.B. Joshua and other presents. Presented that here on YouTube. It’s on YouTube. Labajo Monterey. Showed me the. Time. Our three trousers are here. I don’t know what that means. A trouser, but a destruction. There was. Destruction of many things at. by the prophet at Detroit. God showed me that the synagogue church of prophet TB Joshua was also destroyed. We preached about it here. Virtues. Masoy. We must be careful. My brother. My sister. We have reached the end of time. I will. Finish here. My brother, my sister. The woman was wearing purple. Violette y. Purple. Because colour purple. A composite figure. Ground colour is. Made up of two great colours. Rouge colour. Red, colour blue and colour blue. Now the red. The Antichrist of the Antichrist is the blood. Culpability. Guilt. The Antichrist. Honour is the honour.


It means in false honour. A false honour. In a false gloire. A bad glory, the Antichrist. The royalty of the Antichrist. Can’t you add on the group? It means. If you find yourself in a group of. Antichrist. Of the Antichrist. It’s what’s happening in America over there. Will show you. Give the impression that they are there to save us. It’s true. It may be true. But behind that is destruction. Marriage on a leader, Luke says a rich. Man will readily. Receive. He was rich in good health. It was death. But our poor Lazarus, the parody. The end of him was Paradise. Le royalty, the Antichrist, the. Kingdom of the reign of the Antichrist. In the present. Appearance, appearance the present. It presents love. In appearance it is present. A happy life in joy. Freedom in the present. They will. Present. Love in appearance. Mysterious. But behind. All. The end is death. Before you see. Circular. Marieke entering the fair. What America is. Doing, what the America is doing, apparently, is doing the right thing, apparently. And they are. Doing a good thing. Info in bond shows. But what you need to know behind. The rear set bond for set bond over that. Good deed. There is a spirit. And esprit. Of the woman. It doesn’t mean I’m not saying that the vice president of the United America of America president. The Zuni. Is evil. I did not say. That is a signal. Signal for. Brother Frank. Do you understand? It is. A signal. To watch for the time. I did not say that is evil, but God prepared everything. To. Help you. And I know. The end time. That is why God dressed that woman in purple. You are virtually set on viola. Come on, How can this woman. Trust in person. On the day of his coronation? What spirit led her to dress herself in purple? Did you? It’s the Spirit of God. Let’s bring the apple. Said affirm the Spirit of God. God would roast. Her in her wardrobe. And to take her. In her wardrobe to find the colour. Purple. This inauguration today is the coronation. The colour I will dress myself in purple. So to That. Spirit. Of. God who led her. To do it, I think. That the church. Is connect Llur will. Know the time. It’s simple. Brother, would you understand? Do you. Understand? Who has any question here? Here see is read on Facebook on YouTube. Those of you following on YouTube and Facebook Radio, the radio channel. Is. Who’s got a question to ask? Voila. Come on. You are preparing the farm. You see how. God prepared. That woman as a. Vice president to dress herself in colour? Purple. So that you and me, we should know. We should say. So that you and I will be able to read the time. I on capable the commander. The tone. Pepper. Viola! Effect. The effect King of this world. Are the summoned. In the spirit. The word paper. Paper made of two main colours a feather.


The colour principle. Red and blue. Rouge a blue. When the Antichrist were paper. Antichrist. Viola. He wants to say I am a powerful person. I am rich. Rich. I have a wealth. I have a money. I have prosperity. Prosperity. I have a curse virtue. I can help a poor. That is the blue colour, which is in the purple colour. Blue. the colour red. Violette. In that same colour, purple is death. The red colour which. Is in the purple. Here it is. Death. It is killing. Century. It is hell. Ceylon fair. Mela. Violette. Report. Alleluia. By the colour purple, which was worn by Jesus. Rouge blue contains red and blue.


The colour red is the blood of Jesus to deliver us. Blue and blue is honour. Glory. Jesu Christ de Nazareth. That is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Everyone who is with Jesus. Automatic monthly report. Will automatically wears. Colour purple. Violette, you. Will wear colour purple. You will be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Let us stand up. My brother, my sister. They now know the biodiverse. So, we understand one thing here. Compound one shows. Everyone who is walking with the Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Qui Marche avec Jesu Christ de Nazareth. In the spirit is wearing. Purple Because the colour purple. Is the colour of authority. Authority is the colour of honour. Honour is the colour of a princess. Prince is the colour of a queen. Is the colour of a king of. Kings. You are wearing purple colour. You are wearing purple colour. Violette. And that. Colour purple. Include the red and blue. Red means. You are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. You are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. You are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. You are delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ. And the blue colour which is in purple is. It means that you are covered by the glory of God. The glory of the Saviour. You are covered. By the blessing of God. You are covered by. The honour of God. That is the meaning. The significance. But everyone who is saved. Serving the devil in the spiritual world. Is. Wearing a purple. Like the. Rich man. And that purple. Colour. Has a two colours. The colour blue and red. Blue means. Blue. Fake honour. You are rich. You are rich. But it’s fake. In the hand of God.

 Mercy of the Lord. Senor, you have a popularity. You are a popularity. But it’s fake. Merciful in the presence of God, Senor. Vanity of vanity is like a rich man in Luke 16. Luke says in verse eight. Then the blood of that colour, the colour, it is death. I believe someone has understood this. I have the joy in the Spirit of God. For. Presenting this message, this message which is going to help someone. To  be. To desire. To desire to. Amend with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Let us stand up as we close. Then the service. They will perform the service. Thank you, Lord. Where you are. Begin to. Pray. Come on. I pray aloud. You. Pray. Seriously? Seriously. Seriously. Seriously? Pray. Seriously. Shiva prior. You will pray. To this you. Will say, Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. By the presence, by your power declare, I declare. Good that they knew. That every cloud satanic. Satanic government, medium V. That the enemies of my life my. Party has. Put on me. Down the red. Weather in my Dream I sweat on a journey. Or in reality. New day for that. Government of fake kings. Let the new.


Day. Let royalty, the Antichrist. The government of royalty. And let me. Take it off of. Me and let me take. It off of me. On levels. I take off the cloth. The Nazarite pray in the name of Jesus to pray. Pray now where you are. Say, Lord Jesus, remove this garment. Remove this garment which I might have received from the devil. The wrong papers. Remove it from me. Pray. Please come. I’ll never. Be like you only. Remove that garment. The government of the Kingdom. I want to comment of faking. The government of the Kingdom. Remove it. Oh, the. Villa Maya. Fetish. Villa Maya. Married Henry. That we will. We’ll ask some more. Remove that garment. The royalty. Variety. Crusty. But they give the impression. They give the impression that I have given you money. They give the impression that they love you. But there isn’t a radical in it. There is a red colour in it. Indian love song. Set of rules. Al Amal. Alabama. Had my bed removed for that comment. I remove that comment. This government, I remove it. This government are removing the government from the fake king. I remove it. The government of the fake king, I remove it. The government of the fake king I remove it. The government of the fake king I remove it. Remove the government. To remove the government. Remove the government on Facebook. On YouTube. You are listeners. Remove the government. The commander of the fake king. Remove it. The commander of the fake king. Remove it. The commander of a fake accuser. Of the prince of this world. Remove it and begin to remove your commerce on eBay. Sherman dollar Sherman dollar. Overnight. Do not go to be. Yes, sir. Move your lips. Remove it.


Remove it. Shall I remove it? You’re the life that I live. You’re the life that I live. Rebel beat. In Jesus name, Amen. A sermon prayer. Could. Listen to me. My brother, my sister. Do I have more honour? You and I. Are taking off that cloth. It must start with yourself. Sitting on left at 2 a.m. If yourself you don’t take that off. Only God won’t take it off. You do declare. You have to declare that cloth, your bottom. You were born Jonathan Grundy. You growing in country. Baby. People came to see you when you were a baby. Oh, what a beautiful child, a beautiful child. You don’t. Know. You step back.

You do not know Davenport. What they put on you. Portrayed on him when. They carried you on their head. You sit back and be comfortable. You don’t know what cloth they’ve put on you. At the rainy day. So was it a cloth for you to become a queen of the waters? At the rainy-day foray? Was it for you to become a Queen of forests? At the Rainy Day River? Was it a cloth for you to become the Queen of rivers? We don’t know. Regarding. Look well. Don’t let about me. In the Bible we have Bartimaeus, gorgeous Bartimaeus. When Jesus called, Bartimaeus was blind. He later travelled and he. Called Jesus Christ, called Bartimaeus. Jesus Christ, Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus did something prophetic. Bartimaeus offering shows prophetic. Prophetic. He did a prophetic. Gesture on the Mount report. He took off the garment. He was wearing a veil. Hallelujah! He threw it. On Jesus Christ. And then he went to meet Jesus Christ. Don’t go to. You and me. Know. Maybe we need to throw away the bad God. But let. It is. That have been put on us. All, the latter. That we’ve been putting on by. Error, by. Mistake. But you may agitate the mantle. Bartimaeus threw away. Begin to throw your own. In the name of Jesus Christ. Cast out every evil garment. Pray. Pray. Every evil government. I might have. Where? In the day? In the night, in the dream. In the presence of my enemies. Federal remove it. Remove the garments he was wearing before meeting you. Remove this garment. Remove this garment. Remove this garment. Remove this garment.

Remove this garment. Remove this garment. Remove this garment. In the name of Jesus Christ. The garment of sorrow. The garment of sorrow. The garment of poverty. The government of death. The drug of paper. The wrong people. The wrong paper, the wrong paper, the paper colour of the devil. I remove it from my brother. I remove it from my sister. Are moving from my brother. Are moving from my sister. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In Jesus name,  Amen.  the last prayer. Say yes, Lord. I begin to wear. I wear the white garment. I wear the white garment. Yes, Lord, I wear the white garment.

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