Abel The Fruit Of Reconciliation

This sermon was preached by Pastor Daniel Ouakson At the Trinity of the Most High God On 08/10/2023 It is a live recording translated into TEXT, the way it was “It was informed some connect on direct”.   I’m informing that we are connected. We are live. On YouTube, Facebook. On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, podbean and Podbean Radio. Here for the technology. I bless the Lord for the technology God. because Someone will be delivered through the message of today. Connected for everyone connected by faith.   We will be blessed and delivered by the word of today.   I pray for the servant of God to be attentive to the message.   This message concerns all of us, including myself. This message concerns children of God and servants of God. The John the Baptist of today. Someone is asking question What does it mean? The John of Baptist. The John the Baptist of today. That is the message of today. It Is a message That I am going to present.   The purpose of this message. This message is. […]

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Sunday Live Service – 31.12.2022

online prophetic orientation

Invitation to the crossover 2022 – 31 December – invitation à la nuit de prières et de célébration ( Nuit de prières, de délivrance, de guérison et de déclarations prophétiques, avec le Pasteur Daniel Ouakson. A partir de 22h ) Night of prayers, deliverance, healing and prophetic declarations with Pastor Daniel Ouakson From 10pm. Live broadcast on: *Youtube@ouakson *Facebook@theperfecthealer https://www.facebook.com/events/91147… […]

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Marriage relationship

PRAYER REQUEST FOR MARRIAGES En français ici I am interpreting 1 Corinthians 7:24 for you: In fact, Paul has included circumstances under which it is sensible for a Christian to seek out a change their status. Single people who “burn with passion” should, in fact, get married (1 Corinthians 7:9). Those married to unbelievers should not fight their change in […]

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Prayer request evangelist

PRAYER REQUESTS  EVANGELIST What is Prayer? Evangelist Daniel Ouakson will help you connect with Jesus Christ using different inspirational prayers according to your situation. Whatsapp him: +27627916167 You are not a religious, you are a Christian. Not a religious prayer. Prayer isn’t a ritual that depends on closing our eyes and putting on holy faces. We don’t have to kneel […]

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