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This website https://jesuschristthehealer.com is managed by the church Trinity of the Most High God in South Africa.

About Us

 Trinity of the Most High God

The “Trinity of the Most High God ” is a registered church in South Africa; we are a healing, deliverance and prophetic Ministry with the doctrine of repentance, reconciliation and restoration in Christ Jesus for the salvation of our souls. We do consider the four main purposes in our ministry as per Luke 4: 18-19

Contact: +2762 791 6167

 Whatsapp: +2762 791 6167  

Email: info@jesuschristthehealer.com

The Trinity of the Most High God Ministries is gifted by the grace of God with a healing, deliverance and prophetic gifts with the revelation of Jesus Christ through the living Word of God that changes people’ s hearts.

Whatsapp the Pastor: +2762 791 616


Please, take note that protecting your privacy is very important to us. To assure you of your privacy, we provide this notice to help you understand our commitment to security, what kinds of information we may gather about you when you visit our websites, how we may use that information.

Information We Collect

Automatically Collected Anonymous Information
When you visit our website, certain anonymous information about your visit is automatically logged as it is at most websites, which may include information about your IP address, browser type, mobile device type, access time, and referring website address. This information is not personally identifiable and may only be used in aggregate, to also make sure that you are not robot (not in any way that personally identifies you).

Personally Identifiable Information
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is any information about you as an individual that would enable someone to contact you; for example, your name, address, telephone number, or email address. We may ask for such information when you subscribe to an email newsletter, order a magazine or website subscription, booking for virtual healing studio or other product or service, participate in an online survey, post a comment, enter a contest or sweepstakes, or use a service or tool such as emailing a page.

We will not collect any PII about you unless you provide it. Providing any PII to us is voluntary. If you do not want us to obtain any personally identifiable information about you, do not submit it.

How We Use This Information

Aggregated information may be used in many ways in connection with godly activities to help you improve your spiritual life.

Sending you newsletters

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Sending you Whatsapp messages if you are in our Whatsapp group

All is about informing you of Jesus Christ, who is the Saviour of all Humanity.


As you submit the online form, you provide your information, your situation for a spiritual help, guidance. You accept that the man of God may prophesy to you as conducted by the Holy Ghost. The man of God may pray for you during the virtual video meeting and gives you orientation.

All our services are recorded for quality purpose, for follow up in prayer and for evangelism for the glory of God. We may share your testimony in our channels ( Youtube@ouakson, Facebook@theperfecthealer, Podbean@healing sermons ) for the glory of God in order to uplift other people faith in the Lord. However, you reserve the right to tell us, if necessary, how the recorded service should be used for evangelism. Please, send your instruction in this regard, after the submission of the booking form, to info@jesuschristthehealer.com or via WhatsApp +27 62 791 6167, this should be done before we start the Online Prophetic Orientation service for you.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GET READY FOR YOUR BLESSINGS: You may be asked to contribute freely  ( free offering ) for the management of the virtual studio which is used to bless you and many other brothers and sisters all over the world. Your contribution will be used only for the improvment of the online church services and for the payment of subscriptions in connection with virtual studio software, equipments, internet and the improvement of the church channels




  • Be accepting. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or ability because Jesus Christ loves everyone.
  • Respect boundaries. …
  • Don’t criticize. …
  • Don’t be rude. …
  • Don’t insult
  • Respect the chosen date and time for virtual video studio meeting. WhatsApp +27 62 791 6167 in case of any change or precision
  • Acknowledge that it is spiritual, not flesh and blood  Ephesians 6: 11- 12
  • The church Trnity of the Most High God reserves the right to kick you out of the studio in case you dont respect rules
  • Women must dress well to cover their bodies since they will be on screen with the man of God

You may ask this question ( HOW MUCH DO WE CHARGE FOR DELIVERANCE? ),

Here is the answer:

We dont charge for deliverance but it is recommended that you come with your thanksgiving in the church for the glory of God, your DELIVERER. If you want to do the deliverance online via the virtual Studio (ONLINE PROPHETIC ORIENTATION ), we require a free contribution for the maintenance of the studio ( internet data, software maintenance and software subscription, electricity… )

to register for the online prophetic orientation, please, follow this page https://jesuschristthehealer.com/studio-online-prayers/

and let us know once the registration is done.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you. TRINITY OF THE MOST HIGH GOD

Remain blessed for your humility, your courage to come and meet JESUS CHRIST through the studio online prophetic orienatation, we believe that you will testify for the glory of God the Creator of Heaven and Earth.