Testimony of Brother Daniel OUAKAKOUTELA and his wife – South Africa

Jesus Christ  can use your wife or husband to deliver you. Watch this testimony of Brother Daniel Ouakakoutela, spiritual husband was cast out by the power of the Holy Ghost.


Written testimony of Brother Daniel OUAKAKOUTELA – South Africa

Brother Daniel OUAKAKOOUTELAI would like to share my testimony for the glory of God.

My testimony goes like this:


Last Wednesday during The WCCC Wednesday Live Service on  27 /04/2016,

the man of God, Prophet L.N Justin walked toward my wife and prophesied to her. The Lord revealed to us through His servant the source of our challenges in our marriage, the spiritual husband, giant man standing between my wife and I has been exposed. Just a night before the prophecy, my wife told me about a dream where she was one of the queens of a king. I did explain the interpretation of that dream to my wife and the Lord confirmed it through the prophet during the prophecy.


We had the privilege to pass a night in a holy room, there at the place of international visitors. When we woke up in the morning on Thursday 28/04/16, my wife and I gathered together to worship the Lord, After we have finished praying, my wife told me that she felt a burning sensation on her finger when I was holding  her hand.


By that time, the spirit of the Lord anointed me to pray for my wife, led by the spirit, I touched her finger with my right hand and began to pray. It was around 9 am.

This is the summary of the prayer I offered:


Lord Jesus, you are the one who revealed to me through dreams I had last year 2015 that the enemy BADLY wrote the name of my wife on the wall of her room where she was staying before with her parent in Nigeria, as you could take my spirit to see what I saw in the dream, so, I do believe you are able now to send your angel in a second to clean the name of my wife from that wall in Jesus name.


When I said it, my wife fell down, I continued to hold her finger and I began to command any marine spirit, any spiritual husband to catch fire in Jesus name, my wife was then manifesting, the enemy was turning like snake and shouting and crying loudly, until he removed the ring,the crown, the bracelet… and after that my wife came back to her senses, she stood from the floor and she was surprised to find herself on the floor.


Since then I can see the life of my wife begins to change.


I am so happy and thank God for using prophet L.N Justin to expose the enemy through the prophecy that is why the giant man is now weak.


I thank the man of God for his patience and hospitality to welcome my wife even though last year 2015, the devil made my wife to be stubborn  by refusing the invitation offered by the man of God.


I thank God for giving me the grace to be closer to his ministry through Prophet L.N Justin and learning  by faith the power of deliverance.


testimony of brother daniel  testimony of Joy ObiohaI do believe that as God as started to work for our marriage, He will surely finish His Job through His servant Prophet L.N Justin.


Praise God


Vows renewal at WCCC 01-01-2017. Brother Daniel and Sister Joy Ouakakoutela

Brother Daniel Ouakakoutela 2017

Brother Daniel Ouakakoutela 2017









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Testimony of Brother Daniel OUAKAKOUTELA and his wife – South Africa