Brother Daniel

what is love

My spiritual life began to change positively for the glory of God, my wife and I was serving the Lord in a Church named YAHWEH SHAMMAH MINISTRY.

  • In 2010, was for me the year I encountered Jesus Christ.

My encounter:  I was reading the book named the revelation of Jesus Christ; it is a spoken word from the prophet William Marrion Branham.

The same night, I dreamed I was in a church in the first row with others, where a pastor in white was preaching to us. After that, I found myself with the same pastor and other few brothers in a grain field and the pastor gave us grains to eat, those grains were brown. The pastor gave us Mathew 12 to read.

When I woke up, I explained the dream to my wife and we prayed, but the same day I was still asking God if really he knows me and if he is with me.

Early in the morning, I started worshipping God (playing a song of Brother Denis Ngombe, the name of the Song: Danger de mort, meaning in English “Danger of death”

The song  explains that our bodies belong to Jesus, our bodies represent the fire of the Holy Spirit that no evil spirit can touch us, anyone who tries to touch us shall burn by fire).

The same morning I receive a call from a brother of the church YAHWEH SHAMMAH MINISTRY. The brother said to me that he has found a graphic designer who can design a sign post for my company. I said to the brother please, come with him.

There were 03: the brother, the designer and a friend of the designer.

My wife was outside in the front of our door fixing her hair with a sister of the same church, Sister Pamela.

I asked the brother to come in and three of them came in. At that time my office was in the house ( working from home ). I asked them to sit down but the designer could not seat down.

We all saw the designer was blocked, hypnotized like a statue, he could not move and his face started changing to red. I did not understand this, no experience.

Suddenly, God revealed me  that I am in front of a Witch, witchcraft spirit.

The Lord inspired me and asked the two other brothers to take him outside in order for him to be fine. My wife and the other sister came in to see the designer standing like a statue.

They hardly took him outside and he was suddenly fine, the designer did not want to go out because of the spirit in him, that spirit wanted to accomplish his evil plan, I cancelled the meeting and asked them to go back, the designer was peacefully driving his car. Praise the Lord.

A week later, the two brothers reported to me that the designer was a witch and he uses that spirit to convince people in his business…

I thank God for protecting me with my family during that day.

Brothers and sisters, do not underestimate your spiritual life, it is just a trap of the  enemy to pull you down. What is good with God is that, your doubts do not frustrate the power of God but it only stimulates the anointing of God to prove Himself alive in our midst. This happens when your doubts push YOU closer to God in the purpose to know more from Him.

what is love
Brother DanielDelivered from evil attack